Deacon Family

Deacon Family Ministry

Three passages in the New Testament are commonly cited concerning the office of deacon: Acts 6:1-7, Philippians 1:1, and Timothy 3:8-12. The word for deacon in the New Testament originally described a servant who “stirred up dust while waiting on tables.” As a deacon, major attention will be given to serving God under the leadership of the pastor and deacon officers in the practical ministry of the church. There are twenty-one active deacons. These deacons are listed below along with the family groups they currently serve.

Allen – Barbour John Marks 845-8635
Beale – Bryant (Jerry) Steve Owen 238-6741
Bryant – Campbell Les Irvin 384-1512
Cannon – Coles Michael Bryant 942-3800
Coleman – Deal Beth Freeman 384-2787
Deal – Fore Jerry Mayberry 907-6456
Foster – Garrett Benny Brooks 610-6762
Geiger – Hamilton Billy Williams 826-0969
Hamlett – Horne Chet McPhatter 546-1911
Howell – Jackson Harold Massie 229-5343
Jeldelsky – Layne Justin Owen 907-4482
Lee – McPhatter Luke Hamel 731-5375
McPhatter – Owen Nancy Campbell 238-0473
Owen – Riley Marvin Jefferson 929-0809
Roach – Shackleford Lesley McPhatter 485-1608
Shiflett – Steuart Tracey Garrett 946-5712
Stinnette – Thacker Mike McPhatter 258-1474
Thacker – Wall Allen Ashwell 929-0556
Ward – Wingfield Rebecca Frye 907-5733
Witt – Zentmeyer Donna Massie 851-5242